What is a Omayamyam?

Omayamyam is a nod to the British background of my significant other who hails from the midlands of England. A person from this area is known as a Yam Yam. Hence, Oh, I'm a yam yam=Omayamyam.

When do I need a Human Resources Consultant?

Do you have an employee? Then maybe you need an HR Consultant.

What I can do for you?

Do you know if your offer letters cover all the bases?

Do you need to downsize your workforce? Let me help you do it legally and compassionately.

Do you have a policy manual? When was the last time someone reviewed it? Is it current?

Issues motivating employees or retaining them? I know how to help you keep great employees.

This page is still a work in progress. Check back.

Omayamyam​--Human Resources consulting, bookkeeping and payroll services

in the County of Grande Prairie and the Peace Region of Alberta.